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Monessen brand products are known throughout the industry for their aesthetics, performance and convenience features. As a savvy consumer, you can feel good about making a smart purchase when you choose a Monessen product. It delivers the satisfaction of great performance for years to come.

SimpliFire Wall Mount


Create a distinct contemporary look. Four wall-mount electric fireplace models provide an instant upgrade to any space. Simply hang these units on the wall and , plug them in, and go.

Product Specifications (PDF)

Size 58″ 70″ 94″ 38″
Dimensions 58-1/4 (W)
26-3/8 (H)
6-1/4 (D)
70-1/4 (W)
26-3/8 (H)
6-1/4 (D)
93-11/16 (W)
26-3/8 (H)
6-1/4 (D)
37-3/4 (W)
18 (H)
4-1/2 (D)


SimpliFire Built In


Traditional has never been this easy. A detailed masonry-style interior, textured log set and four flame height adjustments enhance the appeal of these two classic built-in models.

Product Specifications (PDF)

Size 30″ 36″
Model SF-BI30-E SF-BI36-E
Dimensions 31-1/8 (W)
26-3/4 (H)
11-13/16 (D)
37 (W)
31-1/4 (H)
11-13/16 (D)